This Young Brand Works With Special Kids To Paint Walls, Decor & Anything They See

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What Makes It Awesome

Noida-based NGO person and special educator, Sumedha is no artist, she claims. She took to painting and arts and crafts in an attempt to engage a bunch of (about 40 of them) children with special needs. Together, they run a brand called Hastkari that sells hand-painted trays, shoes, bookmarks, coasters, lamps, bags and more.

The NGO, called Aarambh - The Children's Workshop, is what takes up most of Sumedha’s time right now. Hastkari though, is a creative pursuit where she and her children (yes, she calls them that and is surrounded by them from 2pm onwards) play with colours to de-stress. Oh, and through all of this, she’s got her man Friday AKA Sonu, who runs the show.

So far, she has done Warli art on coasters, Kathakali planters, cabinets, bottles, key holders, and earrings. Goes without saying that no two things are the same here. She creates something and puts it up on her social media and before you know it, they get lapped up.

So, start shopping before everything is gone.

What Could Be Better

Some products are a priced a little on the higher side (hand-painted trays that double up as artworks go up to 2K while the planters are around INR 750). We also would have loved if she could follow through customised orders more often. 


Sumedha is prompt on Instagram and anytime between 9am-2pm is a good time to catch her for a conversation.