Don't Want To Drive To HKV? Eat At These Spots Instead

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When you don’t want to take that chaotic mess of a lane to get to Hauz Khas Village, it might be a better idea to just stop at Hauz Khas’ neighbourhood market for a quick coffee and a plate of momo. Or if French patisserie is what gets you off, they’ve got that too.

Here’s a list of pit stops for when you’re in the area.

Grub Pub

For when those Chinjabi cravings strike {everyday, amirite?}, Grub Pub has a beautiful menu of which we love the Fried Chicken Wontons, Fried Chicken, Lemon Chicken and Chilli Chicken {if you’re vegetarian, get the exact same dishes in paneer/vegetable variants}.

The space is super tiny and somewhat uninspiring, so we’d recommend takeaway or home delivery.

Little Saigon

Hauz Khas’ very own Vietnamese restaurant, Little Saigon is cute as a button.They do some delish seafood grills, rice and noodle combos, rice paper rolls and a mean home-made strawberry ice cream.


New kid on the block, Cravity is wooing us with its fresh bread and French dessert. We love their croissants, their brownie with salted caramel and the Tender Kiss {it’s raspberry and chocolate – yum}. The space is done up well in white brick walls, metal light fixtures and warm wooden tables.

Cafe 6

Always buzzing with NIFT students, Cafe 6 is your typical neighbourhood cafe {it’s literally a part of someone’s house}. They’ve got the basic cold coffee {we like the Hazelnut}, hot coffee {Irish, all the way} and some great shakes. For nibbles, the Cheesy Greedy Potatoes never disappoint. And the prices are super reasonable.

PS: They only accept cash so go prepared.


We haven’t tried this one yet {let us know if you have} but their tikkis and dosas look promising. Not to forget their bright, vibrant interiors.

PS: Hauz Khas also has its share of street food. Walk through the market and you’ll be greeted by several momowallas and guys selling sweet potato {shakarkandiI} chaat.

Walk half a km towards NIFT and you can indulge in egg chicken kathi rolls at 44 Kathi Corner, dosas, vadas and chaat at the various thelas just chilling there.