Ten-Second Takeaway

Hauz Rani is a hidden gem for all things ceramic, be it crockery, flower pots or decorative knick knacks. We’re giving you the low down.

In Plate Sight


Big plates, small plates, soup bowls and spoons, serving bowls – you’ll find them all, in varying sizes and beautiful designs. If you’re looking for everyday crockery that looks way more expensive than it actually is, you’re in the right place.

We know somebody who bought eight large plates, eight small plates, eight bowls {two large, two medium, two small, and two tiny ones}, eight serving bowls and eight cups for INR 5,500 — an absolute steal.

So, We’re Saying

Don’t forget to bring your A-game when bargaining…you’ll likely walk away very, very satisfied. Also, each store carries more or less the same thing, but you gotta make sure that you check each piece you buy for chips or cuts.

#LBBTip: If you’re lucky, you’ll find parking here, just before the row of stores begins—we suggest going at non-rush hour times. Once you’ve parked, make sure you go to each store; the prices tend to drop the further down you go.

Photos source: Sarang Gupta/LBB