Hawkers For Those Winter-Evening Plates Of Steaming Chinese

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Hawkers is a tiny Chinese food truck in Vasant Kunj that the locals swear by, especially for the quantity of their portions. If you find yourself in the vicinity, there’s no better joint to grab a quick bite, or even a full-fledged dinner at {bonus good-times points if it’s winter}.


We’d suggest trying out everything on the menu over a period of a few weeks, but if you’re not as dedicated to the foodie cause, go for their Chicken Steam Momos, Kung Pao Chicken, and Chilli Garlic Noodles.


While Hawkers is just a food truck and most of the ambience to speak of is people eating in their cars parked nearby, you’d find the vibe to be rather peaceful, owing to no {or at least not too many} markets or other commercial settlements nearby.

It can get pretty crowded during rush hours and weekends though, so get the good spot before someone else does, early in the evening.

How Was Your Experience?

While all the food they serve {especially the momo, as we’ve mentioned before} is quite delicious to say the least, the thing that really bowls you over is the quantity.

It’s the usual routine with us; feel hungry, leave house, reach Hawkers, order, and get more food than we ever know what to do with. It’s not really a bad thing, but it does make adding a companion to this gastronomical journey of yours a beneficial decision.

Anything Else?

While we’ll definitely recommend anyone who stays nearby and haven’t tried Hawkers to do so, those who stay a bit far off should make the trip, too.


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