Ten-Second Takeaway

At the beginning of the road that leads towards Nirula’s in East of Kailash road are two nariyal pani vendors who definitely warrant a visit when you’re looking to get your coconut water fix.

Coco Jumbo

271016_nariyalpani1Move aside Rihanna. Om Pal and Sonu had dibs first. The coconuts at their stall come straight from Bangalore, and after heading here everyday for over a week, we’re glad to report that they always taste super refreshing, with hints of sweetness.

We won’t wax eloquent about the benefits of coconut water, but we will say, #GoHereDrinkThis.

PS: Both Om Pal bhaiya and Sonu bhaiya are always super polite too, ever ready to scoop out the malai, and willing to pack some coconuts for you to take home.

Price: INR 40 per coconut

Photos: Sarang Gupta/LBB