Breakfast's Your Jam? YogaBar's Co-Founder Tells Us Her Healthy Faves

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We are all guilty of skipping breakfasts every once in a while, but it's a known fact that starting the day right is of utmost importance. It sets the tone for the day and for your body too. I have always been fascinated by breakfast spreads and with every fancy product/ingredient now available a click away, it's no more a task to devour some tasty healthy goodness at home and keep you well-charged all day. 

Suhasini Sampath, the co-founder of YogaBar, recommends us some of her go-to breakfast brands. YogaBar is an all-natural health food brand. Whether you are a healthy snacker or not, we've all tried and tested (err, tasted) the brand's muesli, oats, nut butters, energy bars, and more.

Psst, these are so delicious and nutritious that even if you are not a breakfast person or simply have the busiest of mornings, you'll still not want to miss the most important meal of the day. 

Monsoon Harvest

If you're bored of your regular cereals and granolas, Monsoon Harvest offers tasty treats using ingredients like jowar, bajra and ragi infused with fig, honey, dark chocolate, orange peel, cranberry and more. Their crunchy muesli makes for a lovely breakfast or a midday meal. Their chips, popcorns and biscuits make for healthy munchies while binge-watching your favourite show. Their nut and seed bars and gourmet boxes boxes make for pretty thoughtful presents too. Oh, and they have a vegan and gain-free granola option to.

Suhasini's pick: "Cinnamon Oat Clusters - It is a yummy combination and these are great to snack on."



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Giving natural and wholesome ingredients a new and a delish avatar, is this granola brand called Grainola (full-marks from us on the brand name). With mostly organic and gluten free options, their range has fun granola combinations like spiced sriracha and cranberry, cinnamon peanut butter, sea salt and dark chocolate, and hazelnut and belgian chocolate. Whether you want to dunk them in warm or cold milk, whip up a smoothie or snack on them, you're eating healthy.

Suhasini's pick: "Vanilla Almond Butter - Great to make a breakfast smoothie with, and tastes yum with fresh cut fruits too."

Banter Kitchen

Banter Kitchen

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It's time to ditch the regular and unhealthy spreads because this homegrown brand Banter Kitchen makes 100 percent natural homemade nut butters. Preservative-free, gluten-free and completely vegan, Banter uses nuts and natural ingredients to make a whole range of naturally-flavoured butter. Whether you're a butter purist or not, their range of nut butters on crisp toasts (or simply lick a few spoonfuls), are both decadent and healthy. 

Suhasini's pick: "Peri-Peri Cashew Butter - For the yummy taste twist."



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If you're still not convinced that cold-pressed juices are the best, Flax is here to convince you. Juicing has always been around, but now with better techniques and technology, one can also get their share of nutrients extracted from the fruits. The Flax Juices come in juice variants like Vitamin Boost (apple, beetroot, carrot, orange), Bye-Bye Fat (apple, orange, carrot) and Dare To Detox (mint, parsley, coriander, betel leaf, curry leaf, ginger, lime). In Mumbai and Bangalore, Flax also delivers gourmet style salads, superbowls, sandwiches, and more, for those who prefer both taste and health. 

Suhasini's pick: "The Flax Refresh Juice (has watermelon, apple and pomegranate) - It's easy to carry around and very refreshing indeed."


Yoga Bar

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Want to wake up to muesli heaven? Need a sweet munch on the move? Or want to snack on something low on calories? The all-natural YogaBar has your back. Their breakfast protein bars in flavours like apricot fig, apple cinnamon and blueberry pie will make you and your body happy. Their muesli options like turmeric and ginger, almond and quinoa, will make the young and old delightful. There are oats in Dal Khichdi and Cheesy Masala variants as well. After all, healthy need not be boring!

Suhasini's pick: "Dark Chocolate Oats - Natural, vegan and gluten-free with the goodness of dark chocolate. I love it!"


Looking for more? Check out these healthy and yummy breakfast options available on LBB! And if you, like me, hate cooking the first thing in the morning (or are simply too lazy), these DIY breakfast mixes will sort you out. Oh and these healthy nut-butters too.