Our Favourite Bookstore Cafe Is Open For Deliveries And We're Thrilled

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What Makes It Awesome

Café Turtle houses healthy, yummy veggie items- from soups and salads to sandwiches, quiches and cakes. Sip on a cuppa joe while you read one of the many books that line their walls, or catch up with an old friend on the terrace.

Their menu carries an assortment of Italian and Lebanese dishes. Try either the Mushroom & Garlic Pate or the Moroccan Couscous salad as a starter. If you’re watching your weight, the Channa Salad is a yummy option. For the main course, we suggest the Tuscany pizza: We hear it’s a fine indication of Italian flavours. We’d also recommend a quiche or the Vegetable Pot Pie.

Adding cherries and sprinkles to our sundae is the gourmet and artisanal bake station: The Pantry. Sample natural whole wheat chips or nachos paired with dips (do the tango with the salsa if you know what we mean). They will be specially packaged just for you, fresh out of the oven.

Café Turtle reminds you of a mountain cottage, with large windows bringing in the sunlight. Despite being in a chaotic market, the Full Circle bookstore below the cafe, and the quiet terrace ensure that this spot is a good hideaway if you should ever need one.


Café Turtle is open for deliveries and take-away. You can place your orders online on Swiggy or call them up at +91-8860044751. Also, their Nizamuddin East cafe is open for dine-in, just in case you miss heading out. 

Note: While the cafe is following strict safety protocols, it's crucial that we take our own precautions by practising social distancing and wearing masks while heading out. Stay safe.