Salads, Wraps & Everything Healthy From Rawleaf


Rawleaf delivers fresh, ready-to-eat salads, ready-to-use leaf bags, cold-pressed juices and smoothies, and wholewheat wraps.

Salads And Wraps

The salads come neatly packed in handy plastic boxes, with good quality disposable cutlery so you can have your salad on-the-go. The dressing, thankfully, comes separately. We absolutely loved their Raw Papaya salad, with raw papaya, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, carrot and peanuts. It was sweet, tangy, nutty and crunchy all at the same time, and everything came together perfectly with the kickass sweet chilli dressing on the top.

We also liked the corn and broccoli salad, but would have liked it even better if the broccoli chunks were a bit smaller. The lettuce and herb cottage cheese salad, however, can be safely skipped, unless you’re a big fan of mustard.

The Fresh Garden Wrap was a delight—the stuffing had lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, capsicum, onion, bean sprouts, jalapenos, gherkins, olives with mint mayo dressing, and a generous spread of Tzatziki on the wheat pita wrap.

Juices And Smoothies

Rawleaf has some exciting flavours to choose from, each with specific properties and effects of their own. We’ve shortlisted a couple of our favourites for you.


The combination of watermelon and pomegranate boosts haemoglobin, instantly re-energises the body, and is also great for your hair and skin. The freshness of mint just adds to the zing, which is perfect for the summers!


Green apple+Cucumber+Kale+Spinach+Celery+Ginger+Lettuce. Like the name suggests, this power combination is perfect to get that flab off. As for its taste, it tastes strongly of cucumber and green apple, and was one of the most refreshing drinks we’ve had recently, making it another great option to beat the heat.

What Else?

If you’re aware of the miraculous health properties of wheatgrass, you’ll be excited to know about Rawleaf’s wheatgrass juices. They’re also planning to add rice bowls, sub sandwiches and salad jars to their menu in the near future.

You need to place your order at least two hours in advance, and they deliver on all seven days of the week, though the minimum order must be at least INR 200. Check out the daily updated combo deals on their website’s homepage, or just go for their subscription plans to get more bang for your buck.


If you’re extremely serious about weight loss, they recommend having four – six smoothies in a day {without any carbs in your diet} to reduce a good one kg a day—wow!

Where: Order online here

Price: INR 200 onwards for a box of salad, INR 140 for a bottle of juice

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