There’s no denying it – we live for those moments of pampering at the spa or salon. How awesome would it be if we could recreate those moments at home? Hedonista aims to make this possible.

Much like the name suggests, Hedonista is a luxury brand that aims at self-indulgence and self-pampering. They achieve this through their range of bath oils, scrubs, moisturisers, fragrances, soaps and anything and everything that makes you feel and smell good, and most importantly, nourishes your skin and hair.

Started by entrepreneur Shagun Sharma, Hedonista is all about natural hand-made products, made from top quality ingredients sourced from a variety of suppliers across the country. Moreover, there’s absolutely zero testing done on animals, and every single container and jar is reusable {simply dip the jar in water, peel off the labels and use it for storing anything you want}. Here’s to letting go of all guilt.

So what do they have in store for us? There’s gourmet beer soap {and wine for all the Cerseis out there}, choco-nut lip salve, bath salts and soaks for your tired aching feet, and even pillow mist so you sleep sweet. The website has a section dedicated to ‘rituals’ like Unwinding, Home Alone, Party Ritual etc to make your choosing process just that little bit easier.

So whether you’re looking for a serious skin or hair solution, or simply want to sit back and relax for an evening of self-indulgence, get browsing for the perfect accompaniment.

Where: Shop online here.

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