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Herb Infused & Easy Dip Brews - Here’s Why You Need To Try Out This Coffee Brand

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Evora Greens

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What Makes It Awesome

If you love yourself some really good coffee but worry about drinking too much of it, Evora Greens is here to save you. They have some aromatic brews and easy dips infused with some good ol herbs to not only help you kickstart your day, week or month but to help you build your immunity like never before. Coffee that is good for you? Bring it on!

This venture was started with an aim to add a touch of nutrition to your daily cup of coffee, and they do just that with options like  turmeric and ashwagandha infused with chicory and banafsha for a hearty cup everyday. And it gets better! Their easy dips and brews are made with high quality beans straight from their coffee farms so last much longer. What else? Evora’s coffee comes in a variety of flavours to go with whatever mood you are in. Looking for a super energetic start? Their Bold Blend is the answer. Feeling a little under the weather? Their Turmeric Blend will do wonders. Always on the go? Their Mocha Dip and Brew will become your partner in crime

Oh and did we tell you, their packaging is super thoughtful too. With a Mandala on every box they source, they compliment their ‘Indian Herbs’ infused blends. You can cut it out and make a temporary and peaceful coaster out of it. They have a step by step guide to turn you into an excellent Barista in no time - And trust us, their packaging itself will give you enough reasons to whip up a coffee station in your own kitchen. So what’s stopping you from stocking up on their blends? Whether you need a latte or an iced coffee, Evora has got you covered. Check out their Instagram and Facebook to know more!


Their products are super affordable. You can get 10 Bean Bags at just INR 315/-