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Here’s Your Fitpass to Over 1,000 Gyms & Studios in the City

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Before we begin, let’s take a moment of silence for all those times you were jumping with joy, and suddenly came to a stop as you realised your hips were quivering just a little bit more than usual; or when your friend smirked at your jiggling belly.

The New Year is when all of us can be collectively {and predictably} seen making the same promises: To get fit like never before. And almost each one of us fails before we even begin because of just one thing: Excuses. And this is where Fitpass comes in.

Wherever you go, Fitpass follows

To put it simply, Fitpass is like your all-access pass to over 1,000 gyms and studios in the city. That means you can work out at any of the gyms registered with them, on any day, at any hour, and more importantly—anywhere. So, if you’ve been cribbing about being too far away from your usual fitness studio, you can dump that excuse in your gym bag before you head to the one right across the road from you.

What’s it going to cost me?

You have access to these thousand gyms and studios for INR 999 a month. Yup, you read that right. With establishments like Gold’s Gym, Elemention, Crush Fitness, Delhi Dance Academy, Bharat Yoga Sansthan, Her Fitness, and many, many other fitness studios with multiple forms of work outs on offer, you can take your pick from Crossfit, KravMaga, Zumba, yoga, martial arts, or anything else that suits your fancy. {There are more than 1,00,000 workout options you can choose from!}.

So, the next time you have an hour to kill between office and meeting your friends, you can step into any studio nearby for a quick Pilates session.

Cool! What do I need to do?

Signing up is easy: Download the Fitpass app, explore the many options available to you, tap on ‘Get Fit Now’ to make your payment, and then freely reserve your workout at a time and place of your choice {or even the whole month, if being impulsive is not your thing}. Easy peasy.

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