Here's Where To Get Vegan Food In Gurgaon Without Alienating Your Non-Vegan Friends

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Being vegan in India can be challenging, but being vegan in Delhi/NCR can be a wee bit easier if you know where to binge. Although cafes and bistros that are exclusively vegan are few and far between, there are many restaurants that have lots of vegan-friendly options.

Here’s our list of places in Gurgaon that have something for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Burma Burma

This bistro qualifies as vegan except for the desserts where they use ice cream {just a heads up since the menu doesn’t specify this}. They serve Burmese cuisine which is essentially rice-based and, since it’s a vegetarian restaurant, most of the dishes are vegan by default. Their Khao Suey is made with coconut milk and they also serve bao-like steamed buns and familiar tasting paranthas.

If you miss dessert, then choose the Tagu Pyi An – sago cooked with palm jaggery-thanya and topped with a coconut custard.


A pure vegetarian restaurant with fresh South Indian food, Naivedyam has plenty of vegan dishes to choose from. Since their idlis, dosas and vadas are all made of rice and lentils and the accompaniments are coconut chutney and more lentils {sambar}, you can have a wholesome, substantial meal without dairy or animal products.

Steer clear of the shakes, ice creams and desserts, like payasam, and you’re sorted. Do check for certain dosas, which are made with ghee, but the rest is all good to go!


Being vegan doesn’t mean you’re stuck with south Indian food, Udaipuri is a vegetarian Rajasthani restaurant that has quite a few vegan options. Try their multigrain rolls with vegetarian fillings or skip to mains and order the Tadka Dal and Palak Dal {they have zero-ghee variants of these}; the Arvi ke Kebab and mushroom dishes are delightful and super satisfying too.

Avoid the Dal Makhni and the classic Dal Bati Choorma because that’s all ghee. Sadly, they don’t have any vegan desserts.


This isn’t a vegetarian bistro but they do have options for vegans – their vegetarian nachos make for good starters, just skip the sour cream and stick with the salsa. They also have a Mediterranean-inspired vegetarian platter that includes falafel, hummus and pita.

The cigar rolls are filled with vegetables and served with a sweet chilli sauce and, for mains, you can choose from their Gourmet Burger, which is a vegetable patty, balsamic onions, roasted peppers, salsa and lettuce or the Falafel Slider which has hummus and tahini to keep it moist. They also have a Kidney Bean Curry Rice and Soya Keema Pao {ask them to hold the butter}.


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