Take Your Pup To Heritage Village Resort & Spa For A Rejuvenating Weekend

Heritage Village Resort & Spa

Manesar, Gurgaon


Heritage Village Resort & Spa in Manesar is perfectly located for a weekend getaway when you don’t have the bandwidth for a long, tiring road trip and need a quick dose of luxury.

Haveli Heaven

This 5-star Rajasthani haveli-style palatial resort is a beautiful fusion of culture and luxury. Sprawling green lawns, royal Rajasthani décor, jogging tracks, restaurants, swimming pool, spa, and supreme hospitality—we suggest you take in everything this place has to offer when you’ve seriously had enough of hectic city life and need lots of TLC.

Being an hour & a half ride away from Delhi makes this kinda perfect for an impromptu scene with the family.

Pooch Perfect

For a lot of us, family is inclusive of pets and the process of leaving them behind {whether for work or vacation} never really gets easy, especially when we see the look of betrayal in their eyes as we shut the door. So when we learnt that this was a pet-friendly resort, we did a silent jig in our seats {seriously}.

Sprawling lawns, care-takers, and a special food menu for pets—what more do you need? Are you picturing running around and playing with your furry friend on a cold winter afternoon here? We know we are.

Order Organic

The resort has three restaurants—Jharokha, a multi-cuisine restaurant, Surya Mahal, an Indian specialty restaurant, and Barahandi, a rustic outdoor village-style eatery that is operational only during winters and special occasions.

Amidst the lush greenery of the property, there’s a large patch of land where they’re growing their own vegetables and herbs. The patch is filled with cabbage, brinjal, cauliflower, lettuce, rhubarb, broccoli, parsley, pokchoy, and a whole lot of seasonal vegetables, which then go into making their all-organic menu.

It’s not just the vegetables that are organic; they even source free-range chicken and mutton for their menu. We got a taste of a special organic thali the head chef created for us—a brilliant Indian spread of 10 dishes, of which the chicken biryani, palak mutton, and a minty aloo curry had us rubbing our belly with pleasure.

Spa-tacular Service

Once we woke up from our stupor after the amazing meal, we made our way to the spa, where they’ve got a whole range of massages, scrubs, and facials you can pick from. We tried the vino scrub, where they scrub your entire body from neck-down with a mix made of wine and sugar {yep, we were literally dripping in luxury}.

The deep tissue massage we got after that managed to loosen all the tight knots on our back and shoulder. We highly recommend their facial therapy, too, which uses herbs and natural ingredients such as yogurt, honey, lemon, almond powder, oats, and egg whites, depending on your skin type.

Ask for Chameli Devi when you go—she’s been with the property owners before the resort was even built and has got the hands of a magician, along with a whole lot of beauty tips and secrets she’s all too happy to share.

Heritage Village Resort & Spa

Manesar, Gurgaon