Hide From The Chaos Of City Life At Hide Out, Vikramgadh


    Hide Out is a quaint homestay nestled in the wilderness of rural Maharashtra about 3 hours from Mumbai, and makes for a perfect weekend visit about this time of the year.

    A Home Away From Home

    The first thing you’ll notice making your way to the property is the sheer amount of greenery around. The idea is to provide a stay away from the hustle bustle of the city, all the while promoting sustainable living. The staff is quite hospitable and friendly, as well as quite handy as far as day-to-day tasks go.

    The food, all vegan, is sourced from the farms on the property or local produce from the nearby village, and Hemant, the owner, is happy to explain the intricacies of local farming in case you choose to ask for them.

    The Property

    The setting is humble yet exquisitely beautiful, and we honestly spent too many hours just aimlessly staring into the green while sitting outside our rooms than we’d usually be comfortable with. It’s also mostly built with mud and brick instead of concrete, giving it a rustic and rural vibe we don’t get to experience in the cities.

    Step Out

    If you’re the outdoorsy kind, there’s no denying that you’ll love the place. There are a lot of trekking routes available for you to explore, as well as, depending on how far you’re willing to venture, a bunch of hidden gems like beautiful waterfalls, fields of golden grass, idyllic sunset points and rows of majestic hills to be discovered.

    A word of caution, though: The forest is thick and wild, and the flora and fauna {especially fauna} diversely varied, so we advice you exercise caution venturing out after dark here. Though as long as you’re going with someone from the staff, you should be fine.

    So, We’re Saying

    Pack your bags, book a flight to Mumbai and get on a flight now. They also organise a lot of cultural events promoting the local rural lifestyle, so plan your dates accordingly.

    If scenic landscapes, all-organic meals and friendly staff is what you look for in your weekend getaways, there couldn’t be a better place for it than Hide Out.