Partying At Home? Hire A Bartender For Your Next Bash

Varun posted on 12 July

Planning a house party? We bet you’ve got the décor, food and theme covered. You probably plan to mix the drinks yourself, or put that one ‘expert’ friend in charge of the bar. After a few drinks, however, you wouldn’t have sense of how much you’re mixing, {not always a bad thing} not to mention what you’re mixing and this usually leads to potent drinks that will quickly spell the untimely end of your party.

Or you can hire your own bartender – who not only juggles those bottles around, but serves you those fancy flaming Sambuca’s in the comfort of your house.

The Basics

One can hire bartenders from a variety of portals – all you need to do is provide the booze, and they’ll handle everything else. The expert bartenders will bring the whole shebang with them – think garnish, glassware, ice and ice chips or anything else you might need. However, most of these things bear an additional cost.

The number of bartenders required will be based upon the industry standard ratio of 1:40, so say about 1 bartender for every 50 guests.

The barmen are verified, as most of them come from a strong hospitality background or are fully-trained students from various bar schools or bar management institutes.

Where Can I Find Them?

There is no dearth of bartending talent in the capital – one can reach out to portals such as or one of our favorites – You could also check out Relisted’s pick of these top-notch bartenders in the capital, here.

With Delhi/NCR witnessing overcrowded pubs, police patrolling the streets and out-of-budget dinner packages, we say Aye! It’s an added flair to the classic BYOB scene, that too on a budget.

Price: Ranges between INR 2, 000 – INR 10,000 {varies with the number of hours, attendees and other variables}.

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