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Join The Club: Hobby Clubs in Gurgaon

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Sometimes it can be so easy to come home from work and fall into the embrace of your sofa and television. So easy, but after a time, so boring. If you’re tired of your everyday routine, if you want to broaden your horizons and make new friends, then these hobby clubs in Gurgaon are brimming with options you might never have considered!

Pedal Yatri, Gurgaon

Pedal Yatri is a group of cyclists who have not just super-toned leg muscles in common, but also a shared love for being wild and free {while complying with safety rules}. Join this bunch of free-wheeling grown-ups, if you have your own bike. They follow wide, open roads; their weekday rides cover 25-30 kms and the weekend ones are usually double, and a fair number of events involve a food agenda of some sort.

Where: Outdoor destinations in and around Gurgaon

Contact: Fill in their registration form here or email for any queries.

Find out more here.

Coffee Meetup Group, Gurgaon

It’s as simple as getting together to chat over coffee. You don’t have to know your Colombian from your Arabica to join; as long as you enjoy a pleasant conversation over a friendly cup of coffee, you’re welcome. The group meets once a week to smell the coffee and generally shoot the breeze. Associations tend to become friendships, which may be stronger than the cup of joe in your hand. Drop in on a Wednesday evening, and see what’s on the menu.

Where: Venues change weekly.

Find out more here.

Studio 292, Gurgaon

This is more of a venue than a club dedicated to a single interest, and may be of interest if you’re keen on exploring a few different things. Originally started as a culinary school, Studio 292 keeps up with its gastronomical roots and conducts regular interactive sessions with chefs. The space is open and non-classroom-like, which is probably a good thing if you’re serious about learning. We loved the concept of their University Survival 101 Workshop, and we super love the fact that they occasionally organise gardening and knitting sessions!

Join the online club here.

Find out more here. See planned events here.

Novel Ideas

Started by investment banker Sunil Sharma in 2011, Novel Ideas is one of Gurgaon’s largest book clubs, with slightly over 500 members. Meeting once a month, the club opens the floor to members to present their case on which book the group should read, and once two book options are finalised, the group meets the following month to discuss. Gatherings take place at a coffee shop or restaurant. Open to any genre or type of book, the club prefers to foster an interest in reading rather than hold members to a strict timetable. If you haven’t finished the book in question, then stop by regardless for some coffee and live conversation.

Gurgaon Photography Club

Is your lens bigger than mine? Gurgaon Photography Club was started by a few people who loved being behind the camera, and is based on the principle of mutual sharing of knowledge. They organise photo walks and workshops, and their Facebook page proudly shows stunning photography covering wildlife, still life, heritage and portraits.

Contact: Email or join the Facebook group here.

Delhi Drum Circle - Gurgaon Chapter

The Delhi Drum Circle has a Gurgaon chapter that encourages patrons to bring their own instruments and join in the fun on a regular basis. Their Facebook group allows members to post about upcoming circles in Gurgaon and swap notes, videos and thoughts from the last gathering. The meet ups are informal, non-commercial and a whole lot of fun!

Aero Modelers Association, Gurgaon & Delhi

Those magnificent men with their flying machines! Although equally welcoming of both genders, you’re likely to catch grown boys with their toys in tow, gathered every weekend at Bhondsi Flying Field. Amateur modellers are guided by veterans, who love nothing more than one upping themselves with models of more and more complex aircraft. It’s science plus all the fun of Lego and Ikea combined, taking flight.

Contact: Email them at to apply for membership, or register online here.

Find out more here. Join the group on Facebook here., Gurgaon

Not so much a hobby club but rather the hub for all hobby clubs. Meetup resolves the main challenge in maintaining hobby clubs– which is, that much like our hobbies, they wax and wane over time. Meetup allows groups that are currently active to post events, which can be viewed by people currently interested in pursing them. Most clubs will have some sort of registration and require approval from the moderators, so they can ensure that the like-mindedness of the groups is never interrupted or overthrown.

Gurgaon Trekking Club

If you’re going to take a hike, you may as well have some company. It’s hardly a surprise that this club formed out of love for the outdoors was started by young professionals who found themselves cooped up in offices Monday through Friday. Come the weekend, and these free birds go as far and long as their legs will take them. They do regular weekend walks though the Aravalis, and sometimes take off to special destinations, such as Lake Bhardwaj in Surjakund, or even Saturday night walks to the bustling Hong Kong Bazaar.