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Skin & Hair Care Essentials That'll Make Your Life Easier This Holi

If all the different colours, eggs, beer, mud (phew!) & more sum up your Holi celebrations then, it is of course necessary to get ready with Holi skincare essentials, specially to deal with the after-effects. We're giving you tips and tricks that'll make you take care of your skin the best way.

Use Coconut oil

Look around your house and we are sure that you will definitely find a bottle of coconut oil. On the morning of Holi, it is super-important that you slather your body with oil for a smooth post-Holi shower. Also, hey, don't forget to oil your hair so that the colour doesn't steal away the shine from those tresses. 

Petroleum Jelly For Lips

A lot of women prefer to wear lipsticks to avoid getting lips chapped but we suggest you to protect your lips using petroleum jelly. It will make sure that your lips stay hydrated (this tip is for men, too) throughout.

Nail Paints

Hate multicoloured nails the next day? Then, we have a great tip for you. Pick up your favourite nail paint, paint your nails, and of course, remove the coat after you are done playing Holi. Voila! All good to go.

Baby Lotion

This is our go-to trick for post-Holi cleansing. Take a bit of baby lotion and rub it onto your skin. Take a wet cotton ball and wipe off the leftover colour from the skin and you'll be sorted.

Moisturiser For Hydration

It is always a good idea to invest in a good moisturiser. If you feel the same way, we are sure you must have invested in a good one and we recommend that you use your investment by applying it on your skin as and when you're done bathing. Oh, and don't forget to use lukewarm water to bathe as extremely hot water could dehydrate your skin, and cold water won't help in the removal of colours.

Shampoo Properly

When you step in to wash your hair, do not rinse your hair like you do on regular days. It is important to first rinse your hair properly with a good amount of water. Then, use a mild shampoo and massage your scalp to finally rinse it off.

Eye Drops

If you know that your Holi celebration is going to be a really harsh one, make sure to protect your eyes too. Get an eye drop from the drugstore and make sure to carry it when you go out to play Holi. Also, make sure that you do not rub your eyes if colour gets in or do not wear contact lenses on Holi day. 

Sunscreen To Avoid Tan

When you are about to head out, make sure to apply sunscreen on visible parts of the skin. Not only will this help your skin with the tanning but will make sure that it does not lose the moisture.