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Long Weekend Plans: Check Out These 12 Spots For An Epic Holi Getaway

    Whatever your budget, time preference, and destination desires, we have ideas that might fit the bill for the upcoming long weekends. Especially because we have the long weekend of Holi coming up! So, from rural experiences to restored forts, hotels and hillside cottages, here are all the places that you can head to.

    Phool Mahal Palace, Kishangarh

    Founded in 1611 AD, Kishangarh is a heritage town located about 72 kms away from Ajmer; this is where you’ll find Phool Mahal Palace which has been converted into a luxury heritage hotel. The location is pretty stellar—right at the brink of Gundalao Lake and with the Kishangarh Fort as its backdrop. Plus, imagine spending the festival of Holi at this sun struck palace? Sounds pretty cool!

    The rooms have been done up with antiques and colonial furniture to retain that old-world charm. If you do end up going there, we suggest you check out Studio Kishangarh, which is an art initiative by the princess of Kishangarh to revive the Kishangarh style of painting.

    Price: INR 5K and up for a night. 

    Dundlod Fort Heritage Hotel, Dundlod, Rajasthan

    Fancy staying in a traditional Rajputana fort still inhabited by its owner? You're guaranteed to have an authentic experience since it is a royal residence. The rooms are traditional in style, so think high ceilings, pillars, and ornate motifs. As for entertainment, knock yourself out with rooftop dinners, horseback and jeep safaris, or if you're a firm when in Rome believer, then a camel for all the sightseeing. Your host is an avid horseman, so we recommend skip the camel and do horseback instead.

    The village of Dundlod is in the heart of Shekhawati, and with a long-standing history, expect to see many havelis, forts, family portraits, and some Louis the XIV furniture. So, how about it? Treat your loved ones to this vacay for the upcoming long weekend of Holi. 

    Price: INR 5K and up for a night. 

    Bob’s Place, Nainital

    With a view of oak, rhododendron, deodar, and pine tree-covered mountains, Bob’s Place is situated at the heart of the Kumaon Himalayas. They have multi-level standalone cottages; you can pick the ones situated higher for a great view and the lower ones for a gorgeous sit-out area.

    Each cottage comes equipped with a fireplace, heater, and blankets, so you can be nice and toasty. Head out on one of the many walking trails and come back to gorge on some yummy home-cooked food. This is a more chill and quiet way of spending Holi, so if you're really not into how loud and wild the festival gets, this is the perfect place for you!

    Price: INR 5K and up for a night.

    DueNorth Saur Cottages, Dehradun

    Located in Garhwhal about five kilometres from Chamba, Saur was a once a forgotten village that had been abandoned by its inhabitants, until it got picked up by DueNorth—a group that promotes tourism adventure in Uttarakhand—for restoration. The cottages are Pahadi houses that have been renovated to accommodate guests and are essentially made of bamboo, mud, stone, and wood. So, another great way to spend your Holi chhuti, because who doesn't want to spend a long weekend relaxing in a Pahadi home? 

    Look out for the handicraft items made by women from the village. We also suggest you don’t leave without trying some locally-made rhododendron juice.

    Price: INR 4,700 and up for a night.

    Norwood Green, Palampur

    Located in the picturesque valley of Palampur, Norwood Green is where you should head to for a breathtaking view of the Bundla tea gardens. Their boutique cottages are warm and inviting, and perfect to spend a few idyllic days in. You even have the option of renting bicycles to go on a tour around the valley. So, guys we feel like it is going to sound too way too repetitive at this point, but just look at how scenic and cozy this place is, don't you want to take advantage of this long Holi weekend and unwind here?

    Price: INR 5K and up for a night. 

    Castle Mandawa Hotel, Jaipur

    Not far from Dundlod, Castle Mandawa Hotel is also evocative of the Shekhawati region. An erstwhile fortress, now converted into a heritage hotel, like most restored properties, expect traditional art and architecture, generations of family portraits, palanquin-roofed balconies, antique cannons and arms, and a huge brass gong, struck by the resident timekeeper (yes!).

    It's equipped with 80 rooms, a verandah, an Ayurvedic centre, a swimming pool and spa, and in-house restaurants. For recreation have your pick between camel and horse rides, jeep safaris, puppet shows, folk dances, and vintage car rides. What a luxurious way to celebrate this upcoming Holi!

    Price: INR 7K and up for a night.

    Chuka Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, Uttar Pradesh

    Located in the Pilibhit district in Uttar Pradesh, in the foothills of the Himalayas and the plains of the 'terai' in Uttar Pradesh, it is one of India's 41 project tiger reserves. Forests in Pilibhit have at least 36 tigers, home to over 127 animals, 556 bird species, and 2100 flowering plants.

    If you like the outdoors and aren't fussy about living in the quarters, the tiger reserve has its own tourist log huts, all of which are super basic, and charge a nominal fee. But there's something about living smack in the middle of wildlife, and you can't put a price on that. So, if you really enjoy the idea of vacationing among the wildlife and nature, and consider yourself a bit of a khakhi-shorts-wearing-safari-enthisiast this could be the best way to celebrate Holi, 2020. 

    Price: INR 2,400 and up for a night. 

    Banni Khera, Rohtak

    Are you looking for a secluded rural getaway? Check out Banni Khera Farm near Rohtak. Banni Khera is a 10 acre sustainable and eco-friendly farm stay. They offer a range of activities including fishing in their 7.5-acre lake, cycling, pottery classes, music shows, yoga, meditation, and so much more. So, another great place to head to for some peace of mind over this year's festive long weekend of Holi. 

    Price: INR 6K and up for a night. 

    The Fort Unchagaon, Garhmukteshwar, UP

    A royal heritage hotel located in Uttar Pradesh, Fort Unchagaon IS most famous for its Surya Mahal. Don't expect the finest, most luxurious service and facilities, but if a hotel well off the beaten path is what you're looking for, look no further. Equipped with 23 double rooms and suites, a multi-cuisine restaurant, boat cruises (it's very close to the Ganges), horseback riding, bullock cart rides, pottery sessions, and river dolphin sighting tours, they'll definitely deliver in keeping you busy for three days. And, since this property is so, so close to Delhi, this is pretty much the best place to head to for Holi 2020. 

    Price: INR 6K and up for a night. 

    Hyatt Regency Dharamshala Resort

    This property is about 9 hours away from Delhi. So, it is definitely a great luxury option for a long weekend getaway. You can expect stunning views from the rooms over here, along with a lot of fun activities like yoga sessions, meditation sessions, photo walks, and tours to local attractions including the tea gardens and sunset points! If you don't want to spend Holi 2020 in Delhi, this place can be a paradise.

    Price: INR 14K and up for a night. 

    Shiv Villas, Jaipur

    Shiv Villas is located on the Delhi Jaipur highway and as is with almost all heritage properties, The Shiv Villas is a super charming destination to plan your getaway at for the upcoming Holi chhuti. You can head to their luxury spa or to their fabulous Crystal Bar to unwind! Picture yourself just chilling over a nice glass of wine, late at night over a course of 2-3 days. If this isn't motivation enough to head here for Holi 2020, then we don't know what is.

    Price: INR 8k and up for a night

    The Hermitage Kanatal

    The Hermitage is only about 7 hours away from Delhi and it offers great views and the comfiest rooms you can imagine. The rooms have a lodge-like feel and they've got a beautiful outdoor area where you can sit and relax! The feel and vibe of The Hermitage is very cosy, and at the same time, very airy and well lit. So, book your tickets, pack your bags, and head out to this stunning property for Holi 2020.

    Price: INR 6K and up for a night.

    JW Marriott Jaipur Resort & Spa

    JW Marriott Jaipur Resort And Spa is the perfect place to escape to with your significant other because it’s romantic, utterly stunning, and full of lovely things for you both to do. At first sight, it looks like the love-child of hilltop hues of Santorini and the old palaces of Rajasthan. With a private pool and courtyard, we recommend that you book a stay at Royal Pool Villa. 

    Price: Starting at INR 14,000/night