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Looking For A Natural Way To Heal? Try Holistic Medical Healing At Soham

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Soham, a holistic medical care centre approaches and heals all medical problems {physiological and mental} in an alternate way, so that one can cure oneself naturally.

Time To Heal Holistically

Soham is dedicated to the promotion of positive health and total wellness, be it mental or physical. It combines the science of modern medicine with various traditional drug-free systems, and in turn aims at helping cure incurable diseases.

What’s it good for? Well for starters it prevents our body from facing any side-effects of regular medication, and is certainly light on the pocket.

What Is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic means whole. So holistic medicines take care of all the aspects of the body, mind and spirit and try and cure any ailment through unconventional and alternative methods. It is believed that the whole person is made up of independent parts and if one part isn’t working properly all parts of the body will be affected.

How Does Soham Inculcate Holistic Medi-Care?

Soham focuses on unconventional healing therapies like regular exercise such as the practice of Ashtang yoga. The technique helps reduce stress and helps heal the body.

Other practices that have been adopted at Soham to heal patients are acupuncture {traditional needle based acupuncture and Sujok acupuncture}, acupressure, reflexology, auriculotherapy {ear acupuncture}, laser therapies, ultra-sonic acupuncture.

All these techniques help regulate the body’s blood flow and heal indigenous parts of the body undergoing any stress at all.

For psychological health conditions, they offer pranic healing that helps centre ones chakras and internally heal people psycho-spiritually. They offer reiki and chakra balancing classes, too.

So We’re Saying…

Dr. Tulli, the man behind Soham, established it to help people who were beyond any allopathic help, or just needed well-rounded physiological and psychological treatments. If you, or someone you know is having a tough time health-wise, this is the right time to visit Soham, for a complete holistic health experience.