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This Home Baker Offers Unusual Cakes & An Unusual Story



    Aditya Verma quit a high-powered job due to a serious injury, started baking one fine day and well, the rest is history.

    Baker's Dozen

    We’re always on the lookout to #findawesome home bakers, and this time we’ve struck gold: Aditya Verma is a south-Delhi based home baker who’s living the dream. After he quit a stressful job that was literally breaking his back, he took a sabbatical for a year, decided to try baking on a whim, and then just fell in love with it.

    Now, he bakes cakes on order, and after having sampled about a dozen, we’re telling you to bookmark this.

    What Should I Order?

    We tried the chocolate truffle first, which tastes like Tesco’s double chcocolate gateau—if you’ve eaten that, you’ll understand when we say that we really dug in — it even had delish strawberries on top. We also tried the Fresh Orange Cake, which comes with a deliciously tangy orange glaze, and the banana walnut , which we loved.

    Also on offer are chocolate tarts {with kiwi!}, banana bread {the raisins in this have a little rum in them – so good}, and a yummy two-layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, among others.

    So, We're Saying...

    The next time you’re looking nothing but a good old-fashioned delicious, gooey cake, give Aditya a call. He’s more than happy to customise cakes according to your needs, so you’re in good hands.

    #LBBTip: Ask for a cake with Gems or Kit-Kat on it, if you have a serious sweet tooth.

    To place an order, call +91 9811612019