5 Decor Ideas To Turn Your Home From Drab To Fab

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If given a chance, would you travel the country to make your home look like a piece of you? We’re sensing an absolute YES! Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and although all of us can buy products that can deck up the interiors, creating a look is not everyone’s niche {unless you’re an interior designer}. To make it easy, we have five looks that will inspire you to step up your game. With home styling solutions {to die for} curated by designers, suppliers and artisans from all over the country, Home Canvas has the most dreamy furnishings {indoor and outdoor} and they’re only a click away.

These changes might be little but they can bring big changes to the style quotient.

Bespoke Balcony

We all love keeping our balconies green but what can really amp up the whole look {and feel} to your open green space is adding a hint of unconventional boho colours. Make a statement with bohemian printed flower pots or rugs in breathable summery colours for an artsy vibe.

We found a magnificent range of unique boho décor collection from Home Canvas.

Minty Comforts

Monsoons could get sticky and mint as a colour, brings a zap of soothing yet fresh vibes to any surrounding. Add hints of mint to your upholstery or to the walls in order to add freshness.

#LBBTip: Add shades of copper and bass in the form of accessories to balance it out.

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Grey The Slate

One colour where no one can go wrong is grey. Pick charcoal, ash or concrete and paint a wall or you could even add these shades of grey to upholstery or furniture for a bold yet refined look.

Go, get your dose of grey décor additions!

Keep It Glassy

Add some crystal to make it look like a space well utilised as it adds definition and class to your nook. Go bold with glassy interiors giving it an illusion of a space used maximally keeping intact the touch of elegance.

Check out the glassy decor collection from Home Canvas.

Rust Orange Delights

Kicking in some orange and hues of yellow adds summery Mangolian vibes everywhere. Don’t hesitate on going bold with it because this rusty wonder is suitable for every occasion. Cushions, couch, pen stands et al.

Check out the delightful orange furniture collection from Home Canvas.

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