This Is What Home Decor Looks Like When Artisans’ Skills Meet Quirky Motifs


    Eclectic Elan works with artisans to combine the timelessness of traditional crafts with contemporary designs. Trays, tissue boxes, gifting baskets and a whole bunch of handcrafted home decor items are waiting for their forever home here. 

    Willow Talk

    The bright motifs bring out woven willow’s rustic charm because of the unconventional chemistry between the two. We like that the products have got heart but without compromising on functionality. So it’s really easy to imagine a beautiful kitten jumping out of their pet basket or being treated to a bunch of handmade soaps and fragrant saffron packs in their gift hampers.

    The crafts they bring to the forefront are a reminder of a cosy granny home with unlimited TV time {expect to see a lot of wood and wicker}. No wonder, then, that we’re irrevocably drawn to these baskets.

    Reinterpreting Traditions

    The process of creating this home decor range is quite egalitarian. The design team works in close association with the artisan guild to ensure that the true essence of the craft is retained. This not only empowers the craftsmen but also gives every house-proud person a way to hold on to feel-good nostalgia.

    To cut the long story short, it all sustains age-old crafts and recycles natural materials. Also, it’s hand-painted.

    So, We're Saying...

    Eclectic Elan customise boxes, cutlery stands, bread baskets and planters for gifting and trousseau in case you have ideas.

    Some of their products are available at Crazy Daisy in Meherchand market.