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All-Day Breakfast & Chill Outdoor Seating: Call Your Crew To This Saidulajab Cafe

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Tucked away in one of Delhi’s quietest, most scenic pockets, Soho Bistro & Cafe is a place we’re going back to again and again. The outdoors with mist fans and the section with colourful floor seating are our favourite spots. Also, there’s Aerosmith and awesomesauce burgers. 

Smoking Hot

Think hookah and dingy, smoke-filled cubbyholes come to mind {and badly spelled Chinjabi dishes}. You know it’s true. 

So we were pleasantly surprised at finding thi baby that’s full of sunshine and good coffee along with giving hookah enthusiasts a corner that’s so nicely done up with peppy wall planters and a ceiling full of fairy lights. You’ll never want to leave…

The Soho peeps have an introductory menu with a mish-mash of European, Continental and an odd Burmese dish. Think sandwiches, pies, burgers and tea/coffee. Of course they intend on making it bigger, better and booze laden as time passes. A special mention for a couple of crayily named dishes like Fish From The Dirty South, Mary’s Home-made Pie and Piglets In A Blanket.

Just one disclaimer: If you’re team cold coffee, remember to put in a word about keeping it strong because theirs tends to be on the milkier side.

Eat Is Great

We helped ourselves to an iced Vanilla Latte which was everything we wanted on a sultry evening – cold, sweet and utterly refreshing. The carnivore ordered a Peri Peri Chicken Burger that is meaty enough to satisfy bigger-than-average appetites. It’s obviously a bonus that the accompanying fries are perfection in a bowl.

Go for the eats – they’re something you’ll write home about. Stay for the hanging plants or for the music that’s a heady nostalgia trip.