Get Ready For Wider Grins As Belgium’s Authentic Craft Beer Comes To Town

    Shruti posted on 29 October


    Beerholics, we’ve got some news that’s sure to bring you wider grins. Belgium’s authentic craft beer, Hopper has finally made its way to our town and we’re getting ready for better chugging times with this global brand.

    Cure Your Ale-Ments

    We’re thrilled with how the Belgians heard our plea for bringing smooth and distinctly flavoured refreshing brews to our shores. They’ve got the perfect kind of Witbier and Blonde for us, y’all. Choose the Wit for fresh flavours anytime of the day - it’s got a delicious citric aroma packed with zesty curacao orange peels and spicy coriander seeds. The Blonde, on the other hand, assures quick as a flash headiness courtesy its Belgian Lager fame. It’s touted to be made with high-quality wheat and hops for a unique pleasant bitter taste, aroma and distinct colour, perfected over generations.

    Seeing how beautifully the bottles have been designed, you’ll also want to ditch the beer mugs. We mean, it’s shaped like a grand European gothic-styled archway and the labels will remind you of those intricately patterned ceilings.

    Get our drift? It’s meant to remind you of the tranquil Belgian culture, lifestyle and their sublime architecture. So why not pick up a pint and find out for yourself?

    So, We’re Saying…

    Ditch the plain old and pair your Hopper with a Cajun meat burger and some Belgian fries to really live a gourmet Hoppetizer experience. We’ve got a feeling we might lose our hearts to this one.

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