Too Hot For Dilli Haat? Check Out These 7 Websites For Homegrown Decor & Furniture

Marketplaces, standalone brands and and artist platforms, here are seven websites that are {virtually} stocked with artisanal home decor and accessories that will stand out, against mass-manufactured designs.


A knowledge platform as much as a marketplace, it might take a few {web} visits to familiarise yourself with Gaatha. However, once you do, we guarantee you’ll be spending a large part of your salary here. On this Mirror Jharokha, for instance, that’s made in Kutch {we love that each of the pieces is accompanied by a little story of where, and how, it was created}. Or how about these brass wares made by members of Rajasthan’s nomadic Gadia Lohar tribe?

We love that they’ve sorted their products by craft, technique and material to make shopping, and learning easier.

World Art Community

We love World Art Community because, in addition to showcasing unique, handcrafted products, it connects art lovers with art creators directly – no middlemen. Madhubani paintings, kantha cushion covers and blue pottery coasters,  it’s all available on World Art Community, you just need to up your online window shopping game.


iTokri’s collection of home décor is fun, spunky and diverse – think embroidered tea cosys, Gond paintings from Madhya Pradesh or bamboo candle sticks. An artisanal brand with lots of heart, iTokri supports creative industries and manufacturers in smaller parts of the country and helps them get a fair price for their pieces.


Jaypore has taken the world of Indian handicrafts by storm and we love their approach. Stories, not sales, Jaypore believes that artisanal traditions are effective story-telling devices and, while you may have bookmarked their clothing section already, may we suggest looking through their collection of home and décor brands as well?

Hand-painted mirrors, fabric by the metre or cosy rugs for your room, Jaypore has something for every home revamp need – all artisanal, all unique.

Maati Crafts

Mumbai-based Maati Crafts heroes the craftsmen and while they have a larger selection of clothing and accessories, you could score Jaipuri blankets that are perfect for summer months.

They have a limited selection of home décor and furnishings, but it’s worth it to check back from time to time.


Coppre has a dual focus – to bring old artisan traditions back to life and, in the process, champion one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces that are as functional as they are aesthetic. Based out of Pune, Coppre specializes in dainty, unfussy pieces of metal ware such as tea lights, bookmarks, vases, copper-plated cutlery, urlis {floaters} and water tumblers that are also rather affordable.

Kashmir Box

With such little exposure to Kashmir’s rich artisanal and cultural heritage, the work that Kashmir Box is doing is noteworthy. ‘So What Can Kashmir Serve You Today?’, the search box inquires and a quick result is likely to throw up wonderful surprises. Bed covers, paisley-embroidered curtains, intricately carved boxes made from walnut wood, luxurious carpets or floral cushions – bring a little bit of Kashmir into your home.

P.S. Don’t check out before you add some Kashmiri Kahwa to your cart.