Turn Your Home Into An Earthenware Paradise With This Brand's Gorgeous Ceramics!


    What Makes It Awesome

    The most rewarding thing to look at after spending hours cooking your favourite dish is when you plate it all on vibrant ceramic tableware. Helping us brighten up our tablescapes is House Of Earthenware, an online brand that does handmade ceramic ware and other lifestyle products. 

    Hosting the next house party? These folks have some crazy ceramic platters and plates in the shapes of leaves, snails, sea shell and geometrical shapes like square, oval and the likes. Their stunning Mughal printed plate can easily double up as wall decor. You can also shop for soup bowls, dinner sets, coffee mugs, planters, storage jars, tissue holders, cake stands and lots more. We have our eyes set on their cracked Egg Planter. 

    Their shades and designs are dream-like. If you're obsessed with handcrafted and colourful crockery then House Of Earthenware has a collection that will definitely make you want to buy it all. Oh, did we mention these are sustainable too?

    Price: INR 130 onwards 


    If you want to know more about their collection, hit up the "Enquire Now" button and get in touch with the team of House Of Earthenware.