Chop, Chop: Men, Learn How To Cut Your Hair At Home The Best Way

With quarantine making people sit at home and with temporary closure of salons, we are sure you must be getting sick of your ever-growing hair. Although, salons might just open soon but we aren't sure if we should step out already. So, here is an effective guide on how you can cut your hair at home. 

Go on, try it!

Find Your Clipper & Other Tools


Of course, we agree that you might not be able to get it right in the first go but nevertheless, doesn't matter how long or short your hair is, keep clippers by your side - just the scissors alone won't do the work. 

You'll also need a comb and mirrors. You can also keep a hand mirror with you so that it's easier to identify what area to cut and what to leave.

You can check the link below to find the best clipper, if you don't have one.

Section The Hair


Use clips and section your hair (if you hair is already short and you just need a trim then, this step isn't for you). Ideally, start from the temple to the back of the head. Also, make sure to clip the long hair and short hair areas so that you are not really confused and go wrong. 

Watch the video to understand the process.

Dampen Your Hair & Decide What You Want


Some people prefer to dampen their hair while some go in for a full head wash. It's entirely up to you. Post that, decide what do you want - we suggest, go for the basic hair cut and then later think about the styles you'd love to try out (erm, hello fancy cuts!)

You can watch the tutorial to understand it better.

Finish The Sides & Then Go To The Top

Most of the famous hairstylists suggest that you should trim your sides and back of the head and then jump to the top of the head. Also, make sure to keep in mind that you cut your hair a little longer from the desired length so that you could go back anytime to cut them short.

If You Wish To Colour Or Dye


Just in case you've decided that there's no other way to stand out and feel cool than colouring your tresses, well, we've found a video that'll help. Good luck!