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How to Meet Someone in Delhi {without the help of your friends}

Rashi posted on 12 May

There is hope, and we present the Delhi dating game’s torch bearers! If there’s one consistent complaint we get {and have}, it’s the lack of opportunity to meet a new man or woman. Women are weary of being approached, we wish some men were weary of approaching, and all in all, unless someone introduces you to their ‘awesome single friend’, we seem to hit romantic dead ends. Here’s the good news; you can now couch behind your smartphone’s screen, scope the scene, size up potentials, and even talk to them before a physical interaction.

LBB and dating app Truly Madly scoured out 6 couples who met sans common friends, without any bizarre come-ons, and without any family member/parent meddling. That too, right here in Delhi City.

PS: Please don’t replicate these at home, let nature take its course. And for everything else, there’s Truly Madly.

Charu and Raghav

How they Met: Rescuing a dog in the by lanes of GK

What’s their story? 

Both ardent dog lovers, they found themselves dedicated to the sole cause of rescuing a street dog stuck in a ditch, on a muggy August afternoon. Charu spots the dog, neighbour offers random man’s phone number for help, random man turns out to be Raghav. The twosome drove the dog to the hospital, and two days later, Raghav asked if she’d like to visit their rescued doggy. She said yes, they visited, after which he asked her out to coffee. Across each other, over coffee, started a conversation that still continues. They married in 2010, moved to a farm in Surajkund, and adopted 6 dogs from Friendicoes. As we go to press, they’re preparing for what will be their greatest team effort, their firstborn.

Shagun and Arjun

How they met: At an infamous Delhi house party; the cops never showed up, but they got into all kinds of trouble.

He switched schools in Grade 11 to her school, but she was unmoved by his presence. We can’t blame her, he was but one of 600 fellow students. Fast forward three years… high school graduation and college admissions, and they started talking at a true Delhi rite of passage, a house party. He showed up with his former school mates, she with hers and no recollection of him. She picked a fight at the bar {she thought he cut the line}, and he picked her up {not literally}. They just finished eight years together this previous year, and their families are slated to meet early next month, to discuss the possibilities of a more permanent future.

Simar and Tarun

How they met: At a bachelorette; keep reading…

What’s their story?

Although both Dilliwaalas, their story started on the shores of the Arabian Sea, popularly known as Mumbai. She – a single lawyer at a friend’s bachelorette, he – a man who happened to crash the party {on a separate note, we should explain what a bachelorette means}. This is where the seed was sown. Fast forward one year, and they bump into each other in Delhi. He asks her for coffee, she says yes. She continues to agree with most things he asks of her, including to be his wife.

Ajay and Malini*

How they Met: At a gig at Summer House.

What’s their story?

You know how Summer House loves hosting a good gig, and a solid crowd, and from what we’ve learnt, a good romance. He spotted her across a sea of people, and knew this was it. Okay maybe not, he thought she was, in his words, ‘nice’ {“I’m a guy I got to play it cool”}. He mentioned this to a rather pro-active friend, who approached her on his behalf and before long, they were talking. A little Facebook follow up, and a few meeting later, they made it official end of last year. As we go to press, they’re happy, together and attending many gigs.

Vandana and Kanav

How they Met: Via the Truly Madly app!

What’s their story?

Here’s why we are going on and on about that app; they’re living proof that it works. And here we thought virtual meetings were a thing for folk lore. Vandana and Kanav both logged on, and got locked down. They met on Truly Madly, and started talking. Their first physical meeting was on his birthday, the 11th of September. And a happy birthday it was. They started dating in October of 2014, and as we go to press, they’re happy, compatible, and looking forward to a bright future together. Truly. And madly. And maybe deeply. But Savage Garden already told you that.

Anil and Meeta

How they met: She joined an adventure club, run by him.

What’s their story?

Post graduation from Hansraj, he started the ‘Alpine Club,’ way back in the 80’s, to bring people together to explore the Himalayas; she joined the club. Many expeditions and a mutual love for the outdoors fueled their journey, which is still going strong today. Their first {unofficial} date was at the library; they went on to date for eight years, and the rest as they say, is history. He took her all over the world, and she’s the wind behind his ambitious sails. They’ve raised two children together, and their spirit is just as lively as it was when they met almost 30 years ago.

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*Names have been changed to protect, what is, a new, budding romance with plenty of promise.