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Here's How To Set Up An Indian Living Room In 6 Easy Steps!

    When we talk about an Indian living room, certain elements stand out - things that we have come to associate our hallways with. It can be the fragrance of agarbatti (incense sticks), cool artsy carpets, bright printed cushion covers or even traditional paintings. You get the drift, right? Honestly, you can be desi your own way, and to get you started, here are some classic elements that can help you decorate your Indian living room. 

    Step-1: Add Framed Fabrics/Pichwais

    Studio Moya

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    It isn’t really more Indian than having fabrics framed on your walls. Be it the intricate artistry of the ikat fabrics or loud embroidered florals surrounding a painting or traditional motif. We get your love for the same. While you can get your own fabric of choice framed, we suggest Madhubani Wall Art Frames from Studio Moya. If you’re more into bright colourful decor accents, have pichwai paintings from The Wishlist or EitherOrr. We also loved the animal heads adorned with pichwai art from Eswar Vintage.

    Step 2: Have Cane And Rattan Furniture


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    Having Cane and Rattan furniture in yoru hall will ensure a more rustic, traditional feel and if there is one brand that does splendid rattan and cane furniture, it is Opaque. We also love Cane Center for its functional cane furniture like stools, swing and lounge chairs. Lap & Dado is known for merging chic and rustic with its furniture, their Albi Teak Chair with rattan work being a classic example. You can also have Jaypore’s collection of exhaustive rattan chairs, tables and stools if you want muted yet classy furniture. Click here for more brands that do exquisite rattan furniture.

    Step 3: Have Vintage Inspired Tables

    Amoli Concepts

    Available on LBB

    Vintage-inspired tables add the glam quotient to an Indian living room and antique tables from Chairs & Company do just that (they also entertain customisations) with their. Hit up Lakkadhaara for hand-carved Sheesham side tables, coffee tables and benches. We also love Amoliconcepts and Take Me Home for their wooden tables with floral designs and mandala paintings.

    Step 4: Add A Spiritual Touch And Artsy Paintings

    My Pooja Box

    Available Online

    My Pooja Box has religious artefacts, aroma diffusers and spiritual wall hangings to infuse spirituality in your homes. Pushpshala's fragrant essential oils, ornately carved diffusers and burners are great options just as Sevgi's candles and incense sticks are. You can add more colour to your walls or the puja section with The Wishlist's hand-painted plate paintings and wall arts that have ethnic designs on them. Raga Arts with their Tanjore paintings make for great additions in your living room due to their rich artistry. We recommend Floursha for wooden plate paintings and Hasthkala Curators for exquisitely artsy tribal wall accents. Now, if you admire custom made paintings from sizes A5 to A2, House Of Mamta is the brand for you.

    If you love choices as much as we do, here's an entire section of wall plates and here's one for wall arts.

    Step 5: Add Brass/Metal Vases & Accents

    Accessory Funk

    Available on LBB

    Adding brass decor to your home will ensure your place is chic without coming off as too ostentatious. Brass wall hangings and accents contribute a metallic, rustic charm to your homes, especially the Shimmery Brass Pearl Dreamcatcher from Accessory Funk that looks just perfect to amplify light coloured walls. Have small plants or flowers at home? try the glass shaped vases from Coppre. However, if you don't prefer the blingy gold or silver but still want the metallic shine, we suggest the sleek and minimal brass vases from Topp Brass. Jazz up your home with candle holders from Boontoon for pujas.

    For more ways to add brass to your home, this list will help.

    Step 6: Spread Dhurries On The Floors

    Kadam Haat

    Available on LBB

    No hallway is complete without that extra layer of clothing that comes from dhurries - handwoven flatloom. The floral ones from Design Station will add a burst of life to your room, perfect to complement the muted cane/wooden furniture in your hall. However, if you prefer plain cotton dhurries, Kadam Haat has a wide range of handwoven dhurries in plain solid colours with tassels at the edges. We also love Jaipur Rugs for their collection of silk, wool and cotton rugs that come in abstract, geometric and floral patterns (2x3ft to 10x14ft).