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Move Over Mood Lighting, Philips Hue Is The New Rage Your Home Needs Now

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Ever visited someone’s apartment and instantly fallen in love with it? Or tried on a new outfit at a store and loved the way it looked? Chances are the lighting did wonders to the overall look and feel of the experience. And now we have something that will have you recreating that perfect vibe in your own home, so get ready to start throwing more parties, being more productive and being in the spotlight.

How, You Ask?

The Hue connected home lighting system by Philips lighting. We know it’s quite a mouthful but essentially it’s a home lighting solution that gives control back to you. If you aren’t an early riser {who is, though?}, no problem! Simply select the right light level and temperature of white light, using your smartphone or tablet and enjoy undisturbed sleep for longer.

Throw out your alarm clock because The Hue controls the brightness in the room and only increases it gradually, kinda like the rising of the sun.

What’s In The Collection?

You could always kick things off with their starter kit, but we love the Muscari collection. With diffusers and metal rings that give out a warm glow, we can already imagine our soon-to-be favorite corner. Best part? Since lighting does a lot to elevate the mood, you can customise the hue for a variety of activities including exercising, working or reading.

So, in case you are looking to upgrade your home or office, check out the complete range of products here. Follow Philips on Facebook here and Twitter here