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Momos, Shoes & Make Up: Humanyupur Is An Underrated Hub Of All Things Affordable

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If you’ve ever been to this underrated hood behind Safdarjung, you know what we mean when we say that it’s a trove of good food and budget shopping. You can scout the market for some awesome shoes, bags and clothes after binging on some North Eastern and Tibetan food. We’re here to help you navigate your way through the winding lanes of Humanyupur.


What: One of the very few authentic Naga restaurants in town.

Why We Love It: Their pork bamboo shoot keeps us coming back for more!

Le Himalaya

What: This café and lounge serves some delicious Tibetan and Asian food.

Why We Love It: Their Nepali thali which you can enjoy while watching the match.

The Categorical Eat Pham

What: Manipuri food joint.

Why We Love It: Their Eromba and their Manipuri fish curry.


What: Budget-friendly Korean joint.

Why We Love It: Their dosirak and ramen preparations are on point.

Yo Tibet

What: Small Tibetan food joint.

Why We Love It: Their staff is very courteous and friendly. They do a great tingmo and chicken aema dhatsi.

Freedom corner

What: Small restaurant that serves great Chinese and Tibetan food.

Why We Love It: Their Butter Garlic Chicken with their chicken fried rice. If you’re not in the mood for a heavy meal, go for their chicken momos.

Bangkok Street

What: A shop housing loud, colourful, funky lingerie, neatly hung.

Why We Love It: They have some pretty lace panties and your usual cat print padded bras for very affordable prices {INR 150 & INR 350 to be precise}.


What: A shoe shop.

Why We Love it: Starting at just INR 1,000, they also have everyday office heels and some rather comfy boots.

Selective Collection

What: This shop is full of cute, wicker bags. You definitely want to get your hands on them.

Why We Love It: The wicker bags have beautiful lace and bows wrapped around them and start at INR 1,200 and will look super trendy for a brunch or an outdoorsy lunch.


What: Urbanatic stocks an eclectic collection of boots and affordable sneaker which are strong and sturdy.

Why We Love It: The boots, placed beautifully in shades of grey, tan, purple and black are priced at INR 4,000. They also have a collection of Adidas and Nike sneakers, starting at INR 3,000. When we asked, we were informed they were indeed copies; but without a doubt, the best copies ever!

Runway Beauty

What: This shop stores cosmetic brands from Thailand.

Why We Love It: The cosmetics look rather cute. From your very pink blushers to Aloe Vera eyebrow powder, this shop has all your makeup needs. They also keep some facial scrubs and masks and their products start at INR 500.

Old Tree

What: Old Tree Stores some ridiculously cool and quirky bags and bagpacks.

Why We Love It: If you’re have trouble matching your handbags to your outfits, the easy-on-the-pocket sling bags are available in brown, black, grey, white and beige for INR 1,200.

Tenzin Jampa Store

What: Away from clothes, shoes and bags, this store stacks all your Tibetan cooking ingredients.

Why We Love It: If you want to experiment with some homemade Tibetan food, they have Tibetan paste, noodles, chutneys and tinned fish.