Established In 1953, Hyderabad's Iconic Karachi Bakery Has Opened In Gurgaon

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A legacy brand from Hyderabad {circa 1953}  makes its way to Golf Course Road, in a 21st century-ready avatar. This outlet has all their signature products, as well as a little café, so head here for tea or coffee and a box of their buttery biscuits.

Cookie Monsters, Step This Way

Cookies make everything better and the ones at Karachi Bakery come in every shape, size and flavour you can think of. From staples like Atta, Kaju and Pista biscuits, these guys have evolved over thee decades and now also make some fabulous chocolate chip cookies and butter cookies.

Their classic, however, remains the Osmani Biscuit which is super light yet incredibly buttery and would make any cup of tea or coffee so much more enjoyable. In the mood for nostalgia? Try their Fruit Biscuits which are crumbly, delicious and will remind you of the fruit cake that used to be a regular feature in most households.

What's New?

Karachi Bakery also does a range of bite-sized chocolates in a variety of flavours and fillings, but there’s lots more to check out! With a café on level 1, they’re going to be serving grilled sandwiches, focaccia pizzas, crepes (both sweet and savoury), waffles and burgers, paired with coffee and milkshakes.

Stop by the dessert counter which serves up cupcakes, cheesecake (the caramel-topped cheesecake is a must have!), tarts and pastries, most of which are eggless.

So, We're Saying...

Old-school meets modern at this bakery from Hyderabad; make sure you pack boxes to take home for folks and the kids, they’ll be pretty mad if you come back empty-handed!


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