Hydrate, Repair, Protect: Our Pick Of Super Effective Deep Conditioners On LBB


    Our hair is the best accessory on any given day (apart from that smile of course!). With everything from water troubles, pollution, and stress impacting it, we want to make sure that we have shiny, moisturised, lush tresses. With styling and experimenting comes the tiny price of hair damage. And if hair is naturally dry, then even more so! No matter what texture of hair there's no harm in using a deep conditioner for moisturised and hydrated hair. 

    Viva La Sativa Deep Conditioner - The Switch Flix

    Restorative Viva La Sativa Deep Conditioner for Damaged Hair - 100g


    Meant for ultra dry, and desperate to be rescued hair, the Switch Flix's Restorative Viva La Sativa Deep Conditioner is non-toxic, paraben and sulphate free, vegan, ultra moisturising, organic and handmade! When we say moisturising, we mean that it has hydrating and protecting ingredients like avocado oil, moringa, neroli, hemp, and apricot oil among other good things. You can either apply this to pre-shampoo hair (for 30 minutes), or post shampoo (for 10 minutes) depending on the effect you want. For more about The Switch Flix, go here.

    Black Rice Leave-In Conditioner - FOR8

    Black Rice Leave-In Conditioner - 50gm


    For those of you looking for a general, yet powerful deep conditioner that also works great as a leave-in conditioner is the Black Rice Leave-In Conditioner by FOR8. With the goodness of Black Rice extract, shea butter, coconut oil, and shikkakai among other hair-friendly ingredients, this one will keep your hair healthy and happy. For more about FOR8's Black Rice range, check here

    Deep Conditioning Papaya Hair Mask - Prakriti Herbals

    Deep Conditioning Papaya Hair Mask


    The Deep Conditioning Papaya Hair Mask by Prakriti Herbals looks great, feels great, does great, and smells great too! Harnessing the well known positive effects of herbal remedies, and modern techniques to achieve them, this hair mask's ingredients include Papaya, four types of oil (Olive, Coconut, Sesame, Argan) and Aloe vera Juice. Ultimate restoration in most people's lives. Here's where you can read more about them.

    Babassu & Macadamia Deep Conditioning Hair Mask - Foy Naturals

    Babassu & Macadamia Deep Conditioning Hair Mask


    A deep conditioning hair mask that takes no chances when it comes to hydration, the Babassu & Macadamia deep conditioning hair mask will repair and restore your hair inside out. Paraben free, fortified with Vitamin B5 and E, as well as mango seed butter, chia seed oil, castor oil, and neem oil among other things. It's perfect for dry, damaged hair. You'll need to deep condition your hair for a couple of hours, wash it off, and then use regular conditioner post that to see best results. Read more about Foy Naturals here.

    Rosemary Deep Hair Conditioner - Vishisht Naturals

    Rosemary Deep Hair Conditioner


    Use this Deep hair conditioner with the goodness of rosemary argan oil,  virgin coconut oil,  and unrefined shea butter before you take your shower. Keep it on up to 30 minutes, and Vishisht Lifestyle's deep conditioner will do wonders for your hair in a few washes. Extra points for their cute packaging Our users and editorial team's love their products!