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How Cool: You Can Stay In An Actual Igloo In Manali For Under INR 5,000 A Night!


    Always dreamed of a winter wonderland far far away? Well, this is your chance at making it happen – right here in Manali lies the country’s only igloo. You can ski, chill and hike through alpine forests {sadly, no snow leopards though}.

    The {I}Gloo That Binds Us

    Keylinga has built two crazy igloos in Kullu Valley that are covered in snow in extreme winter months. The accommodation can take two inhabitants who who don’t mind sub zero temperatures with the side of snow sledging, skiing and other winter sports. If you’re planning on taking this trip, know that you can stay a maximum of two nights {because that’s all your adventurous bones will be able to take} and you have the option of combining this with one night at a hotel or with a host of camp site activities. You can see all the packages to find the one that best suits you. And then… just hope with all the might that the trip does come through because there’ll be many contenders we reckon.

    Go Take A Hike

    Wondering is this near-Nordic adventure will cost a kidney? Well, not really. If you opt for a single night stay with a short lesson in skiing and making your own igloo house, it’ll set you back INR 5,600. This stay will include meals, hot water bottles {aww}, ski equipment and warm feather-stuffed sleeping bags. They’ll even give extra fleece so you’re not found frozen in your sleep. In case others beat you to the snow house, you still have hope in the form of a day trip. You can enjoy the snow capped mountains and a host of other winter sports around the site for INR 2,700. The facilitators here are experts and know the hills better than anyone else. So you can give caution to the wind and take the plunge. OMG, we still can’t wrap our head around the possibility of all this coming true. This is all our childhood picture-book-fantasies-meets-doll-house rolled into one.

    So, We're Saying...

    We’re surprised to see this side of Manali that’s not full of cheesy honeymooners. Which is exactly why, we’re calling these good igloo peeps right away.