Imly For Street Food At Amazingly Affordable Prices

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Everyone needs to try Imly at least once. It’s a restaurant in Rajouri Garden serving a good variety of street food. The quality and taste are both great and I’ve never been disappointed.

For Chit Chaat Afternoons

The eatery is a heaven for those guilty of overdosing on gol gappas, or are known to hunt out the best chaat places in the city. It’s lively and has excellent service as well.

Momoment Of Truth

We were a very big group, each with a big appetite, so we ordered a whole bunch of dishes from the menu. The corn and cheese tandoori momo, golgappa, cheese pav bhaji and vada pav however had us raving for a long time.

The Best Part…

The service was up-to-mark and so affordable. We ordered 29 items and ended up paying only INR 4,500. So much for a fun, cheap chaat party in these times of demonetisation.