Can't Leave Your Pet Alone? Lodge Them At These 10 Trustworthy Boarding Facilities

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As pet owners (and if you follow us on Instagram, then occasional dog sitters), we know the importance of leaving your pet with someone trustworthy. If you’re reading this, you probably own a pet, and are therefore aware of their varying temperaments, eating habits, socialising skills, and separation anxiety quotient. With that in mind, we dug up a list of eight spots where you can safely leave your best buddy.

We strongly suggest a full recce, and conversation with the owners, so you can make an informed decision. Don’t, by any means, just arrive on the day of travel and leave your pooch.

If you want to take your pup with you on vacation, there are ways you could manage. If you can’t, but want to make it up to them when you get back, you can always take them for a day out, treat them to a spa or grooming sesh or just buy them some good old fashioned treats.

Alfa 11

Alfa 11 offers a range of services, including training, grooming and day boarding. For longer staycations, there are two types of facilities. The Home Boarding option is for dogs that don’t like to mingle and prefer cosy-ing up in a corner. This is the actual house of the owners; your dog will most likely feel at home. There is also a Farm Boarding option for dogs who like to get outside and play, and there’s even a specially designed splash pool for pooches. We’ve heard some mixed reviews about this facility, and must reiterate a full, first-hand recce.

Barks & Meows

Barks and Meows is a cafe and boarding facility where you can find a large playground with outdoor furniture for your dogs & cats to play around. Both you and your pets can grab a quick bite as they even have a separate menu for pets (it's all made from fresh produce sourced locally).

That’s not all, your fur ball can enjoy a splash in the swimming pool along with the boarding facilities available here wherein the temperature is controlled for both the indoor and outdoor area for each pet. You can even get your feline friends to the cattery. 

AND, if you are looking at boarding, day boarding, basic grooming, pet travel and organizing your pet’s birthday or even your own birthday party, you can easily rely on the good folks at Barks and Meows. You can also be a part of the parties that they organise here like a pet pool party, comedy evening with your pets, music night with your pet and so much more!


Book early to avoid disappointment! PetSpot takes in only a small number of guests, so that each pet can get his/her share of attention. Following a strict no cage policy, dogs get the full run of the house, and the staff ensures that they get their feed on time, get ample play time, walks and basic grooming. If you want your pets to also get a dose of diversity, PetSpot welcomes cats, rabbits, hamsters and more.

Dr. Choudhary's Pet Clinic

Power couple alert. No, seriously. Both vets, and highly recommended at that, the Choudharys take care of everything from A to Z for your pet. They run a grooming facility, are doctors, have a store, a parlour, an ambulance, and are one of the few vets in Delhi equipped to handle relocation of your pets. By this we mean if you’re moving abroad, and your pooch needs to go, they’ll help with the paper work, and preparing him to meet country standards.

They also run a boarding facility, and judging from their medical expertise, your dog will be in great hands.

Jeevashram Shelter

A local animal rehab and NGO, Jeevashram Shelter is a shining beacon of hope for our four-legged friends in the city. They have not just a cattery and kennel, but make sure both are cooled in the summers and well-heated in the winters, to keep your best bud nice and comfortable while you’re away.

They also have a pet store, where you can pick up some treats on your way out and they run one of the city’s best pet adoption services.

Tail Magic

More of an informal facility, the man behind the highly-recommended facility is a licensed trainer and behavioural specialist. One conversation later, we were convinced of his undivided attention to his guests. He and his wife rent their home out to four legged friends, and with two pooches of their own, he’s strict about who gets to stay.

He strongly advises an initial meeting with the parents and the pooch, to get a feel for the temperament, habits and socialisation skills of the pet. He personally walks them, trains them, socialises them, and plays with them. Parents are given daily updates {in case you’re as OCD as us} via images and texts, but this is only when your pooch isn’t accompanying him on a long drive.

Rates per night vary from between INR 600 and INR 800, but like any passionate dog person, he’s willing to waive the fee for fostered dogs, and negotiate with parents with financial constraints.

Cuddle Inn

A cute name for a cute concept, Cuddle Inn provides hands-on care for your pets. Been away from your pet too long? They’ll Skype or WhatsApp you to provide regular updates (and maybe give you a glimpse of that whiskered face). No leashes are used here, no cages to control your cat (all he wants to do is have a lick!). Prices depend on the type of pet, and time of day you need to book.

Happy Tails Kannel

While Happy Tails is primarily a pet grooming and pet adoption facility, they specialise in day boarding and overnight stays, and are ready to take care of your baby while you are away. Your pet (or we guess, you) has the choice of a home cooked meal or the best pet food brands available, and there is a communal space for your animals to mingle and socialise. If of course your pet prefers his/her ‘me time’ there are individualised suites just for them. Think of Happy Tails as the cutest cocktail social mixer you’ve ever been to.

Pet Home Boarding

Run by a charming, dog-crazy couple, this boarding house is where your furries will have ample space to run free and make friends. On their giant farmhouse property, they keep dogs of similar temperament and size together so they never feel scared. The folks here will take care of your pups like their own kids (no kidding). They even have a swimming pool, just in case you want to drop by for a swim with your doggo. 

CGS Hospital

We’ve been impressed in the past with CGS Hospital’s ability to deal with pet illnesses, and love the fact that they have a 24-hour emergency ward. They also offer boarding facilities—this isn’t 5 star plushness, it’s more a no-frills guesthouse. Dogs are checked into a kennel, walked four times a day, and fed fresh food (unless the owner wishes to provide packaged food).

As a rite of passage, all dogs are given a tick/flea shampoo treatment when they’re checking in. This is a good option if your pet is a bit older or prone to falling sick — you know that the good people in white coats are literally next door.