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In the Frame | Madan Mahatta

Shiv posted on 16 August

By Shiv Ahuja

Most photographers in Delhi have heard of Mahatta studios. They've been around since 1915 and are one of the few family run studios that are still in business.

His work with some of Delhi's famous modernist architects during the Nehruvian era are just breathtaking and serve as an important document of what New Delhi looked like when it was being built. The work comes from an older school of photography, one whose significance is often forgotten. Amongst other things, until I saw this video I had no idea that he was responsible for introducing colour printing in India. I used to love stepping into the studio to see the beautiful prints and ogle at the cameras they had when I was passing through C.P during college.

Press play, and take a trip down memory lane.


"An 8 year-old boy was given a box camera instead of toys to play with and this inspired a life-long fascination of watching the world through the camera. Today, at 80, Madan Mahatta shares his passion for photography through this film. The inner world of this man of few words opens out with the help of his wife, Usha Mehta and photographer friends, Ram Rehman and Dayanita Singh, and through a historic exhibition of his work that captures the making of modern Delhi."