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Not A Moo{t} Point: Why Are Indian Women Wearing Cow Masks?



    Delhi-based photographer, Sujatro Ghosh is clicking pictures of women across the country wearing latex cow masks. Why, you ask? For his photo series that highlights the need to make Indian streets safer for women and not just cows.

    Onto Greener Pastures {Hopefully}

    This 23-year old photographer is asking a crucial question – are women less important than cattle in India?

    Sujatro Ghosh who is originally from Kolkata, began his photoseries in Delhi with help from his friends and family. He clicked the first photo in front of the iconic India Gate and since then, he has been photographing women across Indian cities. Ghosh also intends to make this a pan-India project by photographing women in states like Mumbai, Bangalore and Kerala. He has even launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the same.

    While Ghosh’s efforts have been appreciated by many, his project has also received backlash from social media users and cow vigilante groups. We’re not surprised by this reaction and we’re pretty sure, he wasn’t either.

    Is This Too Much To {M}Ask?

    Once in a while, we find great things happening in this big-bad-world. Things that make us introspect, things that restore our faith in humanity, things that are unusual at one level but are so very meaningful at the other. This photostory is that ‘thing’ and we’re glad that it all started from a picture in Delhi.

    You can support Sujatro’s campaign here.