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Here's India’s Only Newspaper Run by Street Kids in Delhi

Kasturi posted on 02 January

Balaknama is a quarterly newspaper that talks about the problems and issues faced by children who earn money washing cars, begging, doing menial jobs and rag picking.

The NGO Chetna brought these children together and launched Balaknama with 35 reporters in New Delhi in 2003. Now, it has spread to seven cities, with almost 10,000 children reporting.

The voice of this invisible section of the society is made prominent in this paper, which reports accidents, deaths of people and more; news that no one seems to care about. The eight-page paper covers stories from Delhi, Noida, Mathura, Jhansi, Gwalior and Agra. In their circles, these kids are tiny celebrities, who are being covered by international media now.

We love that Balaknama is creating awareness, telling kids about their rights and giving them their chance at fame.

Read the whole report here.