These Indie Chokers Were Probably Made In Hipster Heaven

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    Our latest brand crush is Crafty Hands. We confess we’re guilty of browsing through their colourful range of traditional dupattas, bags, jewellery, door hangings, table linen, mats and more for longer than is healthy but what the heck.

    Boho Queen Alert

    This embroidery-loving brand wears its Indian-ness on its sleeve and we’re pretty sure everyone who has a soft corner for handicrafts and indigenous weaves won’t be able to resist their range of bright, ethnic chokers.

    Neck To Neck Competition

    These necklaces innovatively use traditional borders and have these tiny ghungroos that we think look adorable. The pieces are zany, edgy and have that fusion element done right.

    Mix and match them with crop tops, saree blouses or solid dresses under blazers and you’re set to stand out.

    Let’s Be Cheap Together

    These hacky stunners come at INR 450, and tie cutely with cloth strings laden with tiny pompoms. Variety is not really the strong point of this Crafty Hands collection but good things come in small packages, no?

    Sift through more designs here.

      Available Online