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Indigo Deli Now Has A Bar & Here Are 3 Cocktails You Need To Order


    Indigo got their liquor license recently, and going by what we’ve tried here, every drink here feels like a occasion. Step in, order some bar snacks {like the pork belly, honey mustard marinated chicken tikka or the Harissa Chicken with Boriya Chilli}.

    Then there’s three cocktails you can’t miss.

    Rum Toddy

    If you’re a fan of Captain Morgan, now would be the time to dip your head in shame. This drink shall be your spice haven.

    The cinnamon and cardamom are ground in front of your eyes. Old Monk is poured in, and the drink is aired for a few moments, so as to let the flavour oils mix.

    Green Apple And Kaffir Lime Cai Proska

    This one’s for those who like their drinks sweet. It looks beautiful, tastes beautiful, and we’d never imagined apple could go so well with lime. It’s a vodka cocktail, in case you were wondering. It’s a sweet, fun glass of liquid that won’t let you stay depressed.

    Indigo Mary

    Spicy, tangy and zingy, the Indigo Mary is made from tamarind, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco. It’s the perfect drink to drown your sorrows in, and the lime juice and salt rimmed glass only adds to the entire experience.

    Special mention: Deli Sangria made with white wine.