Indulge In Authentic Bengali Sweets At This Shop In Chandni Chowk

Annapurna Bhandar

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What Makes It Awesome?

Annapurna Sweets has been a fave since our childhood when it comes to getting our hands on authentic Bengali sweets in the city. What was earlier a business that was spread across various branches in the city, is now survived only by a few outlets. When I was a kid, their pink rasgullas meant special occasions in my family, so I will always be biased and say that those are my favourite sweets to get from this shop. But apart from that, my top 5 picks would be—dilbahar, sandesh, chamcham, mishti doi, and kancha golla. But what has to be the most underrated thing on their menu is their samosa. One of the best samosas I've had in my life hands down. They're tiny and somehow really light (?) and the chutney is amazing! The last time I was there (at the Chandni Chowk outlet, which is also the original one) to get sweets packed for my family, the owner of the store and I struck up a conversation, and he reminisced of old times when people enjoyed eating Indian desserts much more than anything else in the world. "Beta, your generation only wants waffles and pancakes, and everything else the people in the West eat. Young kids, these days, don't like our sweets anymore." Even though, I'm a big, BIG fan of their sweets, and make trips to Chandni Chowk specially for their sweets at times, I took this to heart, and decided I'll pick chamcham over a macaron next time.

What Could Be Better?

It might be tough to find if you’re not used to Chandni Chowk. But it’s exactly opposite Gurudwara Sri Sees Ganj Sahib, corner most shop.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Annapurna Bhandar