Call This Home Baker For Quinoa Muffins & Gluten-Free Cakes


    Karamele is a home bakery run by a dietitian. Dedicated to combing nutrition with desserts, they've come out with sugarless, eggless and gluten-free treats for the healthy snacker.

    Great For

    Protein bars, breakfast granola, quinoa muffins.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Based out of Alaknanda, Kanupriya focuses on health, being a dietician, she decided to cater to the growing demand for healthy snacks for kids and adults alike. She combined her passion for baking while paying attention to keeping healthy. So Karamele has a bunch of gluten-free, sugarless and eggless desserts that can be consumed by everyone.

    They've got quinoa cakes and gluten-free vegan cakes in all kinds of flavours, like gooey chocolate fudge, Snickers, marble, orange and more, as well as healthy breakfast granola. They’ve also got yummy protein bars for conscious snacking (try the jaggery with almond butter), cookies in flavours like chocolate and peanut butter that have no added sugar or oil. If you need a sugar-free cake, they add jaggery instead—they're very particular about dietary restrictions. Oh, and did we mention that all her stuff is delicious? 

    What Could Be Better

    We'd like to see some more desserts on her menu, maybe some cheesecakes and brownies.


    Try the new Oreo quinoa cake, we hear it's pretty popular.