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Experience An Unimaginable Sight And Soulful Vibes In Lansdowne

    Lansdowne, Kolkata

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Lansdowne is a perfect getaway for people looking to spend some quality time in a calm and serene atmosphere. Since this town is influenced by militants, you will find it really safe and secure. We started our excursion by experiencing the below in the quaint town of Lansdowne: 'Tip n top view' Watching this place in the rain is a sheer treat to the eyes. It was less crowded and more beautiful. Clouds were literally passing through face while we stood near the fence of the Tip & Top Viewpoint. 'Gandhi Chowk' The famous market of Lansdowne and the hub for all taxis. If you are ever lost, then just ask for Gandhi Chowk since this is the most reachable place. You won't really get many options to do shopping, however, one thing which I can suggest to buy from here is the "Baal Mithai". Its a chocolate fudge kind of sweets with a milk base. 'Tipsy Cafe' A small cosy cafe with delicious food in a wide variety. Sometimes even small eateries offer you with the startling experiences. We had some delicious pakodas (assorted fritters) here with a hot cup of tea. 'Bhula Taal Lake' The view was totally surreal and unexpected. You can do boating here and also try Maggie from the 'Kaludanda Cafe'. It’s a small yet beautiful lake with ducks crawling along with you while you paddle your way to the other side of the lake. 'A hike through Lansdowne to Jaiharikhal' From stunning changing landscapes to seeing the officers training process, you will enjoy all of it in one hike. Also, it's a must thing to do for sunset chasers. 'Clouds watching' Get close to nature and watch that live time-lapse of clouds passing through in front of you. This is definitely one live show of nature you cannot miss. You must have done star gazing, try clouds gazing as well. Well, these were the things I could explore in a couple of days. You can also go to Tarkeshwar temple and St Mary's church to experience more when in Lansdowne. How to get there:- From Delhi, you will find buses going to Kotdwar which will take around 6-7 hours. From there you can either take a shared taxi which will cost you Rs. 70 per head to reach Lansdowne. Or you can take your own taxi at Rs. 900-1,000. It took us around 1 n half hour to reach there while it was all foggy n pleasant.

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      Lansdowne, Kolkata