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Indulge Your Skin And Hair With Pure Luxury

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What Makes It Awesome?

As if pollution wasn’t enough then there is stress to deal with so this year's goals are self-care! This made me embark on a search for skin and hair care products that aren’t run of the mill, commercial but more thought out and indie and the market is flooded with options albeit a bit iffy. Then I came across, Indulgeo Essentials, just because I’m watching calories and upping my fitness routine doesn’t mean I can’t ‘indulge’! So to be completely honest, it was the promise of indulgence that got me to try a brand that is now a staple on my bedside table and dresser!

Made with certified organic cold pressed oils and essential oils, Indulgeo is also natural, chemical-free and Eco-friendly and is made with ingredients sourced from all over India. The other clincher is the fact that the ingredients are things we recognize and the composition is created around old school skin care regimens we ought to have learned from our grandmothers.

They have products to combat teen acne, environment or hormone related pigmentation and even preventing long term sun damage and the products are appropriate for all age groups. They have three product categories – essential oils, skin care and hair care and I’ve found favourites in all three. Their vitamin E oil is perfect for overnight skin rejuvenation and I love the Neem oil for scars but it’s the Argan oil that has me hooked since I could never find an Indian alternative for an oil that’s an anti-ageing antidote. Since I have fine, thin hair, I choose the Growth Promoter to volumise, a combination of rosemary, jojoba and geranium oils to name a few it helped curb hair loss considerably. But if you’re more concerned with general damage from the sun or colouring etc. then try the Hair Vitalizer with lavender, tulsi and ginger root and it smells divine!

More than hair it was skin solutions that I was looking for and I found the perfect product for dry skin and to combat signs of ageing. The Rejuvenating Eye Serum with castor, hemp seed, flaxseed and vitamin eye has worked wonders and for the day time I’ve adopted the Wonder Gold Oil for sensitive oil which has key ingredients like gold flakes (it actually does!!), rose bush oil, indica seed oil and even lotus extract. They have packaged sets for men and women as well and the good thing is that all you need is a smidge to get you through the day!

What Could Be Better?

Larger bottles for essentials oils and suggestions for base oils that go with them

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

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