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Enjoy Mithai & Sweets Guilt Free At The Newly Opened Anything But Sugar!

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Just when the world is shouting aloud about "seasonal produce" and "all things natural", here comes a brand that brings a marvellous array of confections using age-old sweeteners. "Anything But Sugar" or its acronym, "Abs" is the new baby in town. Harping on its tenets of eating right, it emphasizes on the two core values of "No preservatives" and "Only seasonal products". By now, we all know the harmful effects of eating refined sugar yet it's become an integral part of our kitchen so much so that when we crave something sweet we reach out for that pot of white sugar without thinking twice. And where "mithai" is concerned one cannot fathom it without cheeni and chashni, right?

"Not really...." says Anuradha Saha, Chief Manager, Operations at the store "...Anything but Sugar is focused on moving away from refined sugar and using only natural sweeteners such as honey, cane, jaggery, coconut and palm sugar". So one can find the milky-fudge cocoa barfi or kalakand barfi where honey is used instead of sugar. Dodha is prepared labouriously using sprouted wheat, creamy whole milk, jaggery and sprinkled with slivers of almond and pistachios. Superlative ingredients, natural sweeteners, no compromises on taste and you get the finest bites of mithai at this store. The dry fruit mithai stole my heart. The Anjeer Barfi doesn't use any kind of sweetener and derives its sweetness and richness from figs and nuts. Add Dates ki Barfi to your order. It's a gooey mix of Arabian dates, pistachios and cashew nuts and is an explosion of flavours and textures in every bite. They have sweets from the Gulf so relish the Baklawas and the Badam halwa stuffed in Moroccan dates. This is gooey goodness sans guilt. Enjoy their tea times bakes in a new avatar. Makka muffins, Bajra and Flaxseed muffin, Ragi muffin, Choco fudge cookies, Orange Rind Cakes all promise a healthy alternative to the ones available at the local bakery. There is enough to choose in the desserts section too. I tried the Olive Oil Choco mousse and relished every bite of the light-as-air mouse with the goodness of olive oil and rich dark chocolate in every bite.

An entire section of the store is dedicated to honey from all over the country. I was fascinated by the amazing range they stock. It is like a mini-exhibit of the most fascinating honey obtained from Uttaranchal, Nilgiris, tropical forests of Kerala and other parts of the Western Ghats. Never will you find such a range and flavours anywhere in the capital. There is Sheesham, turmeric, kalonji, saffron, rosemary, moringa, nutmeg, neem, pepper, desi kikar floral, Sidr- wild berry honey and more.

Since natural and pure ingredients of the finest quality are used in every product the prices are definitely a notch higher than what you'll find in any other sweet shop. Let that not deter you. Where else will you find a naturally sweet world where you can indulge your cravings without guilt and have the added goodness and benefits of honey, jaggery, coconut and palm sugar too?