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Save Up For A Day Of Indulgent Shopping At Vayu In Bikaner House

Rene posted on 30 November


The breezy, white design store in Bikaner House, Vayu Design For Living, will make you lose sense of time as you discover handcrafted finds that belong in an artfully restored ancestral home.

The Big Story

A place that had once become a glorified bus stand for Jaipur buses is now a stunner thanks to Vasundhara Raje who resolved to get this iconic place the attention that it deserves.

The story from rags to regalia wrote itself as the amphitheatre here got a facelift, a restaurant decided to set up shop and an art gallery started hosting shows.

In short, a new cultural centre was ready to host hipster events including photography exhibitions, film screenings, fashion pop-ups and jazz concerts. While the whole building looks utterly gorgeous, we’re going to focus on the store that makes us go weak in the knees each time we visit. 

Vayu So Beautiful?

Dave Chang and Vivek Sahni, the two people behind this venture are connoisseurs of all things heritage. So each thing that rests on Vayu’s white cabinets has a story of great craftsmanship waiting to be discovered.

The best part is that in this effort to celebrate the past, it manages to reinterpret conventional masterpieces, making them seem valuable and oh-so-lovable in modern times. 

Calm One Calm All

A curated space full of classy artifacts like stationery, home decor, apparel, paintings and more, this one has us feeling Zen-like after a bad day. Maybe it’s the big French windows. Maybe it’s the fragrance that this place wears or maybe it’s just the thought of being surrounded by so many things we’d love to take home… but shopping at Vayu is an experience.

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