Ten Second Takeaway

Innisfree, the brand that finds its roots in the Jeju Island of South Korea, brings to you a whole range of beauty products.  Think natural, eco-friendly and designed to bring out your beauty from the inside {no chemicals, amigos!)

Beauty is skin deep?

With their products, you’re doing more than just dressing up the surface, aka your skin. With ingredients like Jeju green tea {for its antioxidant properties}, volcanic clusters {for the cleansing properties} and tangerine peels {for tender skin}, the products promise a purification process that’s long-lasting.

Killing two birds with one stone

You’re going to be glowing, we promise – that’s how good these products are. What’s even better though, is that your radiance doesn’t come at the environment’s expense. The brand uses ingredients that are found naturally {and do your skin good} and encourages fair trade as well. Your conscience can be at peace, promise.

Flawless skin, just like the Koreans? This way.

Where: Innisfree Cosmetics, Shop No. 46B, Ground Floor, Khan Market

Nearest Metro Station: Khan Market

Contact: 011 43521024

Timings: 11am – 8pm

Find out more on their Facebook page here.