Gorgeous Sunsets From This McLeod Hostel Will Set You Back By About INR 350 A Night


    HosteLaVie is the boutique hostel you’ve been waiting for. It’s clean, it’s affordable and you’re looking at the mountains from every window. It’s unbelievably close to the buzzing part of the town and yet, it has that home-like, nurturing ability to take you in after you’ve had a hectic day exploring around.

    Call It A Mass Bunk

    Bhagsu is backpacker central and the hostel does a great job of bringing in a bit of Tibetan charm and energy right in. Trust us, if there’s one place we could spend all our days {and nights}, it’d be the common room, reading and daydreaming.

    For the first time, bunk beds have looked comfortingly habitable {and not just a very poor representation of those things we saw in picture books}. Just think about how much fun it’d be if you took your bestie along and whispered secrets across berths?! So teenage and so sweet. Plus, you can cook meals and do your own laundry if you plan to make this a longish stay. And, if you’re still not convinced about bundling up in a dorm, they’ve got rooms as well. Happy now?

    Chai A Different Route

    It’s actually surprising how this hostel’s perfected the recipe for happiness with book exchanges, specially brewed coffee and a generous dose of sunshine. Of course, we’re also hoping to make friends with fellow hostellers with similar disposition {Jenga and cake loving have our vote} when we do decide to take the solo travel route. 

    So with or without new friends, take some time out to enjoy the uphill walk to the hostel that’s dotted with lovely little cafes and even DIY jewellery workshops. We suggest stopping by way too often to have ginger chai and picking up stone bracelets – there’s no such thing as a hurried trip to the hills anyway.

    If exploring on your own isn’t really your thing, give the hostel peeps a shout and they’ll happily fix you up for paragliding, treks or even a photo walk.


    So, We're Saying...

    Just pack your bags and run to the hills of whim. Get more deets on the hostel here.