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Inspire Your Kids For A Sustainable Tomorrow At Kia360, Gurgaon

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What Makes It Awesome?

While Kia has become one of the most loved brands across our country, providing innovative mobility solutions is just one part of it. It also beholds a unique space for inspiration and imagination to experience something out of the ordinary. With its cutting-edge technology and wonderful customer experience it offers something for everyone, and this time it's for kids!

Imagine you’re busy looking for the car of your dreams, but the kids aren’t letting you. Sounds familiar? Well, Kia360 found a perfect solution for it - Inspiration360 - an engaging art activity that comes with a great message for the future. The kids get to color different objects when they think of futuristic cities, like a Kia EV car, a Bird/Butterfly etc. The same objects are then scanned, and through the visual screen they come alive. The kids can see the landscape of the city undergoing a transformation. With their imagination alone, they see the environment transition from a dull and gloomy day to a bright and lively one, as the Kia car (with their nicknames on it) moves around. It’s a sudden positive change in the surroundings with a clear blue sky, birds chirping and people rejoicing, and it’s all through the power of their inspiration coming to life. It would be a priceless moment seeing kid’s eyes widen with surprise. 

And if you want to re-live this memory with your kids later, you can fill in your contact details and get the video straight to your mail or on WhatsApp. So come and be the part of a movement that inspires at the Kia360 Experience center. They aim at inspiring the kids for a better future, one car at a time, and give us all hope for a sustainable world. 

Pro Tip

Walk in anytime at Kia360 experience center in Cyber Hub to experience the world of virtual reality with a touch of inspiration. From car configurators to mixed reality zones, they also have weekly events like doodling to Lego workshops to get you motivated. So, head out and experience something different today, you might even discover a few hidden skills.  

Kids age group - 2 years to 12 years.